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Brand New & Perfect for Winter: Our British Wool Socks

Posted by Verity on 05-Sep-2017 09:02:12

We’re totally in love with our new British Wool Socks, spun here in Yorkshire. Made in 6 of our signature shades- Bramley Baths, Viking, Coal, Chevin, Brass Band and Dalby- each pair have a super cute contrast cuff too. Even better news is they’re easy to care for- just pop them in the washing machine when they need to freshen up.

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Happy Feet: The Best Socks You Can Make or Buy to Treat Your Feet

Posted by Verity on 04-Sep-2017 09:01:00

  1. West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4 ply Country Bird range.

We never get tired of knitting a simple plain pair of socks from West Yorkshire Spinner’s Country Birds sock yarn. The colourways are fabulous- our favourites include Blue Tit, Wood Pigeon and Bullfinch with a total of nine shade to choose from . What’s more, the yarn is made from 35% Bluefaced Leiciester Wool making really lovely to knit with. They also have ready made socks in this range too.

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Toasty Toes: Why Wool Socks are Better than Cotton for Cosy Feet This Winter

Posted by Verity on 01-Sep-2017 08:56:00

Never tried wool socks? Wondering what all the fuss is about. When the temperature drops and autumn creeps in those cotton socks in your drawer are going to do nothing to keep your toes toasty. When cotton gets wet, it loses all its insulating properties, so you might as well not bother with socks at all, like one of those trendy brogue-wearing hipsters. You might not have leaky boots or go jumping in muddy puddles, but your own perspiration will still mean you’ll end up with damp, cold feet.

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Introducing the new shade of Titus Goddess

Posted by Verity on 31-Aug-2017 08:30:00

We were absolutely bowled over by your enthusiasm for our last batch of Titus Goddess, our limited edition monthly Titus shade that's overdyed by The Knitting Goddess. The celebratory colours she dyed our White Rose shade sold out in less than 24 hours, but don't worry - we are about to release our new batch!

 This month, Joy has taken our Dalby shade - named after the large forest in North Yorkshire - and added even more depth to its foresty feel. The variety of shades pick out the shades of young leaves, moss-covered logs, ancient trees and the darkness of the woods at their deepest points.

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How to Knit your First Sweater

Posted by Verity on 24-Aug-2017 08:30:00

 For many knitters - even those who have several years' experience - knitting a sweater can seem like too big a challenge to take on. It requires a lot of yarn and usually several different techniques, and the possibility of everything going horribly wrong seems just a bit too significant.

If you're one of those knitters who sticks to hats, socks, scarves and cowls, this week's Field Notes is for you. We've got some great suggestions of simple sweaters for you to try - but first, Joelle explains how she got started...

"Three years ago, I took the plunge and knitted myself a sweater. I'd done a workshop on fitting which helped immensely. Armed with a lot of measurements, I took a deep breath and cast on. 

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How to Make Marls Work

Posted by Verity on 17-Aug-2017 08:30:00

Have you ever looked at a marled yarn and thought it was pretty, but had no idea what to do with it? Since we introduced the three marl shades of Dovestone Natural Aran earlier this year, quite a few customers have been asking us how to make the most of it. So our Alison has shared her top tips with us, with examples taken from her latest collection, Learn to Knit at Home:

Because of the way marls are made - twisting different coloured plies together they give a tweedy, speckled look when knitted up - the key to using them successfully is to keep the stitch pattern simple.

 Garter stitch, stocking stitch and rib are perfect for marls as the stitch pattern isn't trying to compete for attention with the marled fabric. Complicated lace or cable patterns will lose definition or may be difficult to see at all, especially in high-contrast marls.

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Why we love these new designs

Posted by Verity on 10-Aug-2017 08:30:00

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who helped us to celebrate five years of Titus. We had a fantastic week, with lots of scrummy offers flying off the shelves, and a wonderful night of celebration on Thursday. More on that below.

Suddenly, we seem to be heading towards autumn (the weather here in Yorkshire appears to have turned that corner already!) and all we want to do is get out our needles and create cosy cowls and sweaters to snuggle up in. Several fabulous new patterns have appeared on Ravelry in the last few weeks, all made in our yarns, and we're so excited to share them.

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Field Notes: Join us to celebrate Titus's 5th birthday!

Posted by Verity on 27-Jul-2017 08:30:00

We can't quite believe it, but next week marks five years since we launched our first yarn, Titus. We launched it to mark Yorkshire Day on 1st August, and here we are five years on preparing to celebrate its success.

So how do we celebrate five years of Titus and everything it has meant to us? Like this...Next week, we have a whole host of special offers lined up for you. There will be a new offer every day, so no matter what project you fancy taking on next, you can grab a bargain with baa ram ewe.

The real party day is next Thursday, 3rd August, when we'll be holding a Titus special anniversary knit night, showcasing what many of you have knitted to celebrate, and modelling them to everyone else! We'll post the link to get your tickets on our social media accounts soon. 

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Field Notes: why we love Dovestone Natural Chunky

Posted by Verity on 20-Jul-2017 08:30:00

 One of the best things about picking up a new yarn is seeing how it behaves compared to your old favourites. In the case of Dovestone Natural Chunky, we're loving getting to know its drape and definition - and putting it to good use in some gorgeous patterns.

Above is the gorgeous Clem sweater, part of the new Learn to Knit at Home collection, created by Alison Moreton. We asked Alison about the inspiration behind it, and the collection as a whole.
What inspired Learn to Knit at Home?
The idea was that they were really simple, easy to knit designs. People come and do our Learn to Knit workshop and learn basic skills and it needs to be at that level. 

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Field Notes: Welcome To The New Season

Posted by Verity on 13-Jul-2017 08:48:00

Welcome to the new season!
Over the last couple of weeks, we've shared some of the yarns and patterns we're introducing as part of our new Autumn-Winter 2017 range. We kept a few surprises up our sleeves and we're really excited to be able to reveal them to you now. 

Meet baa ram ewe Big Balls, pictured above. They're inspired by the baa ram ewe colours that you know and love, and are made from 100% British wool, scoured and combed in Yorkshire. They're ideal for using in spinning, arm knitting, felting - or just for display! We've loved getting our hands on these gorgeous 1kg Big Balls of beautifully soft wool, and they're already turning heads in the shop. If you want to bag your Big Balls before they run out, click here


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